Room Reveal | Our bedroom transformation (Part 1)


I'm finally able to share the first room reveal from our new house with you. It's taken a while to get there because the house was in need of complete renovation from rewiring to replastering and fitting new flooring so it was a case of much more than just a quick paint job. Here at last is our bedroom makeover - I took so many pictures during the process that I've decided to split it into two posts, so I'm sharing the first part with you today with part 2 to follow tomorrow.




Here's how the room looked when we moved in. Like most of the house it hadn't been updated in decades.


We're living in the property throughout the renovation work and doing most of the work ourselves. Moving out of our immaculately decorated old home to spend the first few weeks camping on the living room floor of the new house certainly provided a sharp incentive to get things moving pretty quickly and within a couple of days we'd removed layers of old carpets and ripped out the fitted wardrobes as well as that delightful red vinyl covering the wall.


Stripping the walls & preparing for replastering


Then it was time to start tearing down the wallpaper and removing the skirting boards to get the room ready for replastering.


Freshly applied plaster is such a lovely colour isn't it? I always feel reluctant to apply the first mist coat.


We wanted to keep the palette light and neutral throughout the house to link the different spaces together so we tried out lots of different shades of 'off white' on the walls. In the end we went for Strong White by Farrow & Ball which is a lovely soft white. It has a bluish grey tint to it which gives it a freshness but at the same time it feels soft and not at all cold.



The Floor

Initially we'd planned to keep the original floorboards. I really liked the patina of them and was disappointed when I realised that we would need to replace them. Unfortunately they sustained too much damage during the process of rewiring and laying new pipes for the radiators so out they came...


...and in went new flooring and lots of fleecy wool insulation to help keep us warm in winter.

Woca wood lye for pale Scandi style timber floorboards

Lots of people who've seen the pictures I've posted on Instagram have asked how we achieved the pale effect on the floorboards. Graham fitted the new floor using standard pine boards from our local timber merchant and I treated them with Woca wood lye. This effectively bleaches the wood and removes any traces of  yellowness leaving it with a pale whitewashed appearance. Once the lye had dried I applied a couple of coats of white Osmo Polyx oil. It was quite a process but totally worth it - I could not be happier with the results.

We've yet to see how well this stands up to wear and tear. The finish is very light so I probably wouldn't recommend it for high traffic areas like the kitchen or hallway but I'm hoping it will be OK in the bedroom. It will probably need a quick mop down with soap every couple of weeks and I may eventually add a rug to protect it a bit.



Here's how the room looked after replastering and redecorating and with the new floor and radiator. (Graham has fitted new column radiators throughout the house - the ones we've used are by Acova).

Pale wood flooring treated with lye | Design Hunter


The details

We completed the room on a fairly modest budget but put a lot of time and effort into attention to detail. We definitely didn't cut any corners. One thing we did splash out on a little was the doorknobs. I always think they are really important and worth spending a bit more on if you can afford to. How many times a day do you get to enjoy them? These look black here but they are actually bronze. They are by From the Anvil and we got them from Broughtons's, a lovely old shop in Leicestershire - I'd highly recommend a visit if you need to source ironmongery or lighting details for a period renovation project.

Bronze doorknobs | Design Hunter

We're planning to give the house a contemporary look but wanted to keep a few original details including the doors. We had them dipped to give us a fresh clean surface to work with and then painted them in Farrow & Ball All White eggshell.

Acova column radiator and pale wood flooring | Design Hunter

Finally the room was ready for us to start moving in the furniture.


So here's how the empty space looked as a blank canvas after we'd finished decorating it. In Part 2 I'll show you how we've styled and furnished it.

Freshly plastered room with pale wood flooring | Design Hunter