Krista Keltanen

I have a real treat for you today.  I came across Krista Keltanen's work via her beautiful images of the Helsinki Tweed Run, (I want to visit Helsinki so much after seeing these pictures), and then I discovered her flower photography.  Isn't it just beautiful?

Krista's blog is a total delight, one of those lovely dreamy online spaces that you can easily lose yourself in.  So put the kettle on, make yourself a cup of tea, head over there and enjoy.

Thank you so much to Krista for sending me the images.

All images courtesy of Krista Keltanen.


Happy Monday

Happy Monday everyone.  How was your weekend?  After a late night on Saturday (we had a friend over and dug out some old vinyl) we had an idyllic lazy Sunday with the papers yesterday.  Sorry for the lack of post on Friday - I've been busy working on an exciting new project that I'll be revealing more about next month.

First up this week a couple of quick mentions. Firstly to Caroline of Warbeck & Cox.  Recently I was the lucky winner of their Twitter giveaway and received one of their fabulous teatowels.  They have so many great designs that it was hard to pick just one but in the end I opted for the key print above.  It's made of the most beautiful linen and looks fab on my oven door, so a big thank you to Caroline.

Secondly, did you read the Independents list of 50 best florists last weekend?  I was delighted that one of my favourite florists Charlotte, (the Lotte of Lotte & Bloom), made it onto the list. So, huge congratulations to Charlotte.  Aside from the fact that I absolutely love her work, I always look forward to her blog posts which range from the quirky and witty to the downright beautiful.  Take a look at her blog if you haven't yet discovered it.  I'm sure you'll love it.


Pedals & petals

There is nothing like a flower purchase to put a spring in your step and a smile on your face.

Image: Amy Claire


Danish home style

Danish homeware company Tine K have just launched their Spring Summer 2011 range and, with images shot in an old 19th century laundry house, it's full of gorgeous styling details.

Tine Kjeldsen the woman behind the brand cites flowers as one of her main inspirations (her mother runs a flower shop) and you'll find large jars and all sorts of pots for Spring bulbs and flowers in the current collection, alongside beautiful crisp linens and Moroccan inspired cushions and tableware.

Tine's minimalistic approach and use of clean, simple colours like grey, blue, white, nudes and dark brown is right up my street.  If you're visiting the website check out the inspiration galleries which include lots of pictures of her lovely home.

Images: Tine K


Simple pleasures: February

1. Making old discarded junk useful again.

2. A pretty new hairstyle.

3. Simple unglazed porcelain wall vases.

4. Ice cream shaped salt and pepper shakers.

5. Antique silverware garden markers.

6. Paint tester pots in the softest neutral shades.

7.  Love tokens.

Images: 1.Hus & Hem | 2. via Sacramento Street | 3. Otchipotchi | 4. Junky Town Vintage | 5. Vic and Albie |      6. Lucyina Moodie |  7. Twine


Love letters

Happy Valentine's Day.  Hope your day is filled with lots of love. xx

Vintage printers blocks by Home & Glory.


A romantic Valentine's getaway

I know it's practically Spring now and we're probably all happy to leave the snow behind, but this Swiss mountaintop getaway ticks all the boxes for a romantic Valentine's day destination as far as I'm concerned.

It's more DIY for us this weekend though.  The office is starting to take shape and is looking good.  Hope you are up to something fun.

Have a great weekend.


Whitepod via Design Shimmer

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