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Jaguar launches design competition for Clerkenwell

Jaguar, the headline sponsor of Clerkenwell Design Week for the past three years, have launched a competition to find an unsung or up-and-coming British designer to create a concept idea for a wrap which will cover the new F-TYPE Coupé to be exhibited at this year's Clerkenwell festival.

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Estalagem da Ponta do Sol, Madeira

This year we had a lively debate about where to go for some winter sun. I wanted to go to Mexico but my partner was set on Madeira. In the end, price and practicality won out and we went for Madeira on the condition that he accepted full responsibility should it not live up to my expectations. My reservations were grounded in Madeira’s reputation as a destination for pensioners and fortified wine. His counter argument uncovered an island with beautiful gardens and dramatic architecture.

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In the footsteps of Gandhi - less is more at The Satyagraha House

I'm currently in the process of trying to drastically reduce the amount of stuff I own, so when I came across The Satyagraha House on Remodelista recently it was nectar to my soul.

Part guest house and part museum, the house, which is located in a Johannesburg suburb, was once the home of Gandhi. It was designed in 1907 by German architect Hermann Kallenbach, a close friend of Gandhi's, and Gandhi himself lived there from 1908-1909.

A few years ago it underwent extensive restoration and it now offers a peaceful space for contemplative retreats for those seeking a break from the fast pace of modern, urban life.

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Trendwatch: Terracotta

With its earthy, grounded, natural aesthetic, terracotta has an appeal that feels both current and timeless. From jugs and pots to lighting, desktop accessories and even a table, here are some designs that have caught my eye.

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5 European destinations for an Easter city break

Why not make the most of this month's four day Easter holiday with a European city break. I've picked out five design-led hotels where I'd be happy to spend a night or two.

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Currently reading | Decorate with flowers

Spring is, without a doubt, my favourite time of year when it comes to filling the home with flowers.  From paperwhites and ranunculus to tulips and anemones, and then the arrival of Peonies in May, just about all of my favourite flowers are available during the Spring months.

This Spring sees the arrival of several new books written by interiors bloggers. Holly Becker of Decor8 was one of the bloggers who first inspired me when I began my own blogging journey back in 2009, and I know many other bloggers have been inspired by her warmth, openness and passion for her subject too. Holly, who has also just given birth to her first baby, recently released a new book Decorate with Flowers - a collaboration with product designer, photographer, stylist and Decor8 contributor Leslie Shewring.

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Five Things - #006 Ethereal


Ebay collections

If you've visited ebay recently you might have noticed a new feature - ebay collections. I've been an ebay addict for longer than I can remember. My home is full of stuff I've picked up on ebay and it's often one of the first places I look when I'm shopping online.

Ebay collections is a new curated search feature that offers an additional way to find interesting things to buy on ebay. Previously, if you didn't know exactly what you are looking for it was sometimes hard to uncover the best stuff amidst the sheer volume of things on offer. Now you can browse dozens of Pinterest style boards for inspiration and can also follow the collections created by people whose style and taste you like.

Along with a number of other bloggers, I was recently invited by ebay to get involved in the launch of their new collections feature by curating some of my own. Celebrities including Danni Minogue, Kelly Hoppen, Reggie Yates and Alex James have also been involved.

I've put together 12 collections in total and you can view them here, but here's a taster of three of them.

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