Cityscapes by Chisel and Mouse

Paris Cityscape by Chisel and Mouse | Design Hunter

There's always something fascinating about a bird's eye view of a city. I think it's the potential to lose yourself in the detail as you identify and remember places you've previously visited or wonder about new destinations that have yet to be explored and what they might reveal.

Maps and aerial photographs deliver representations of past, present and future adventures, and their ability to transport us to another world offers a delightful form of escapism. While Google Earth allows us to research destinations before we've even arrived at them there's something reassuring about having a tactile representation of a place literally in your hands, rather than just a transient illuminated image on a screen.

New from Chisel & Mouse, who you may already know from their architectural models, is a series of finely cast plaster cityscapes, including New York, London, Rome and Amsterdam, amongst others.

Paris Cityscape by Chisel and Mouse | Design Hunter

So which city to escape to?

After much deliberation I chose Paris with its classic Axe historique featuring the Arc de Triomphe at the centre and those elegant Parisian boulevards radiating out from it. It evokes fond memories of the most recent trip Graham and I took to Paris a few years ago, and reminds me that we really should go back again soon. We stayed at a beautiful hotel in the 8th Arondissement which is actually represented on the model, so every time I look at it I'm reminded of the lovely time we had there.

Paris Cityscape by Chisel and Mouse | Design Hunter

Protected in a perspex case and suitable for either wall mounting or displaying on a desk or coffee table, the cityscapes are exquisitely made and faithfully capture the intricate details of the cities they represent. You almost feel that you are holding a classical museum antiquity in your hands. Like an item that could have come from the Sir John Soane's Museum, these fine plaster cityscapes are tactile treasures - fragments of our contemporary world to admire and cherish.

Paris Cityscape by Chisel and Mouse | Design Hunter

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The Paris Cityscape was very kindly gifted to me by Chisel and Mouse, but I've written about it here because I absolutely love it.

Summer weekend breakfast styling with Anthropologie

Sunday morning breakfast al fresco | Design Hunter

One of our favourite weekend rituals during the summer months is a lazy Sunday morning breakfast out in the garden. Although we only have a small town garden it's south facing and very sheltered so it's warm and sunny for much of the day - perfect for eating outdoors.

Last year we gave our garden a bit of a makeover and painted the back wall in Railings, a deep blue black which provides a wonderfully dramatic contrast for both the bright green foliage and the new deck. There are still a few further updates we want to make - I'm planning some new planting for 2016 and I'm hoping Mr P will find time to make a water feature for us - but with the warmer months almost upon us I thought it was a good time to show you how it's looking so far, so I've teamed up with Anthropologie to style some of the pieces from their SS16 home collection for a lazy weekend breakfast.

In the corner of the garden we have a huge Ceanothus which has completely outgrown it's original spot. Each May it marks the beginning of summer by putting on the most incredible display, turning the entire back wall a deep vivid shade of blue. The first few buds are already starting to open (you can probably just about make them out in the picture above) but within a couple of weeks our view out onto the garden from the living room will be a riot of colour. Then later on in the summer we'll have blue Agapanthus in terracotta pots on the deck. Blue and white is such a classic summer colour scheme and I wanted to pick these uplifting colours out in the accessories I've chosen from Anthropologie - a bright breezy palette that reminds me of Greek island villages and summery Mediterranean skies and seas.

Blue delphiniums in glass jug | Design Hunter

I love to make lemonade on those long lazy hot days of summer when all I crave is a comfortable reading spot and a cool drink, but never seem to be able to find a suitable jug. This glass pitcher will do the job perfectly and is currently doubling up as a vase for the pretty Delphiniums my friend Lucinda brought over when she visited last week.

Pain au chocolat | Design Hunter

I was drawn to the Scandi folk art style of these plates from the Saga dinnerware collection. Much of our tableware is white so it's nice to introduce a few blue and white patterned designs as they mix and match really easily with our existing pieces while at the same time feeling fresh and cheerful.

Standard bay tree | Design Hunter

It's still quite early in the growing season so the tulips in the raised border aren't quite out yet. I've been planting herbs in these blue and white tenderling pots so hopefully we'll have a plentiful supply of mint and basil to see us through the summer months.

Summer breakfast | Design Hunter

The rattan chair was a junk shop find. The embroidered cushion and tassled cotton throw make it a welcoming spot and really come to life against the dark blue wall.

Plant pots | Design Hunter
Breakfast in the garden | Design Hunter

Thanks to the large sliding glass doors that run across the width of our living room the garden has always felt like an extension of our living area during the summer months, but with the addition of just a few cheerful accessories everything now feels fresher, brighter and much more tied together, and we have the perfect outdoor space in which to enjoy those lazy weekend breakfasts.

Now all we need is the sun!

A cup of tea in the garden | Design Hunter

Posted in collaboration with Anthropologie.


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Colour Trend | Rust and Claret

Wooden armchair in wine | Mink Interiors

I'm noticing lots of rust and claret shades creeping into interiors collections just lately. These rich deep colours work perfectly with terracotta and blush, as well as with warm metals like copper and brass, and feel like a natural evolution on from last year's 'Copper Blush'

Above: Oak and iron armchair in wine from Mink Interiors.

Colour Trend | Claret and Rust

I've created a new colour trend board over on Pinterest to gather together some of the looks in this colour palette that are currently inspiring me.