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Delicious porcelain by Sylvie Godel

These quiet, meditative ceramic installations are the work of Swiss born ceramicist Sylvie Godel. Combining together multiple pieces with a simplicity of form, she aims to transmute families of plates, bowls, jugs or bottles into 'story tellers'.

Sylvie works independently at her workshop in Lausanne and her simple, poetic porcelain creations have been exhibited in galleries and design shops in Europe and Asia. There's an appealing sense of innocence and purity about this series of 'still life' images of her work, captured by photographer Lionel Henriod.

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New tableware collection from Sue Pryke

Sue Pryke has just unveiled a new tableware collection that she will be showing at two London venues this month - Tent and Decorex.

I met Sue through a mutual friend at Interiors UK a couple of years ago and afterwards realised that she was the designer of the tableware we use every day at home - Ikea's classic 365+ collection. The range received a Swedish Design Award when launched in 1995 and nearly twenty years on it's still in production.

The new collection is "inspired by the everyday and the ordinary" says Sue. "The interactions we have with objects, details and preferences that reflect the intuitive decisions we all make on a daily basis when choosing which cup to take from the cupboard for tea."

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Practice, Process and Place

There is something inspiringly authentic and honest about unsung creative folk who just quietly get on with their own thing. Often hidden from view, every summer the artists, designers and makers in my local area open their doors to the public for the annual Warwickshire Open Studios event. I've been along to a few events in previous years and so when I heard about a project photographer Fiona Murray has been working on to document the process, practice and creative spaces of some of the people involved I arranged to meet up with her over tea and cake to find out more.

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