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A summer house on the west coast of Sweden

I'm sure I'm not alone in dreaming of owning a summer house.

This house on the west coast of Sweden by architect Mikael Bergquist, has a purity of design that is both modern and traditional at the same time.

Clad with untreated timber that will fade to grey over time it is surrounded by woodland and was designed as a summer retreat for a family living in England.

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Kolarbyn: Wild Sweden

The strapline 'Sweden's most primitive hotel' may not immediately ingratiate potential holiday makers with the eco-lodge Kolarbyn but there's much to be said for shunning modern life in favour of a more primitive existence. The collection of charcoal burner's huts in the Swedish forest takes you right back to basics with no electricity or even running water, just the trees, the lake and the quiet.

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