A Buenos Aires interior by Carbono Atelier

Interior by Carbono Atelier Buenos Aries

At a time when bringing plants and greenery into our homes has never been more popular there is so much to be inspired by in this apartment designed by Buenos Aires based architecture and interior design practice Carbono Atelier.

The client's brief was for a home that could accommodate several friends gathered together, but also work as a space adapted to her own individual needs where she could relax after a long day.

Buenos Aries interior designed by Carbono Atelier

The use of colour was reserved for the different textiles that dress the space - velvet, linen and canvas - with the colours being achieved by hand dyeing. Fabrics have been used to create translucent screens, allowing the space to be configured in different ways. The green tones in the the vertical cloths create a relationship with the landscape outside which is covered by a variety of different tones and plant species, while the horizontal surfaces are upholstered in colours that are only found inside the house - pink and orange tones which create a sense of calm, comfort and warmth.

Wooden light switch detail | Carbono Atelier
Textiles in a Buenos Aries apartment by Carbono Atelier | Design Hunter

Materials with a strong aromatic personality were used to stimulate the sense of smell. The designers chose Argentinian wool and leather for the carpet and local woods for handles, light switches, lamps and furniture.

Buenos Aries interior by Carbono Atelier

In the dining area a large lamp made from shells sounds with the movement of the diners or with the blowing of the wind when the windows are open, adding an auditory dimension to the design scheme.

In contrast to this, absorbent materials like cork and fabric have been used to create a calmer acoustic environment in the living area.

Dining table detail | Carbono Atelier
Cork detail | Carbono Atelier
Buenos Aries interior by Carbono Atelier
Buenos Aries interior by Carbono Atelier
Shell lamp | Carbono Atelier

"The challenge was to generate a project that would find its richness in the gradual transitions and not in the strong contrasts" said the designers Carbono Atelier. "A space of subtle stimulation that could make a transition from one use to another. Working especially with the sense of touch, sight and smell we managed to blur the boundaries between different uses and spaces."

Buenos Aries interior by Carbono Atelier
Buenos Aries apartment by Carbono Atelier | Design Hunter

Images courtesy of Carbono Atelier.