New Warm Neutral Colours from Little Greene Paints

Colour isn’t just a visual choice, it’s a powerful tool that sets the mood within our homes, painting emotion and character onto the walls that shelter our lives. It can transform a space from ordinary to extraordinary, from mundane to magical.

Get ready for a fresh wave of colour inspiration as we dive into the new Sweet Treats collection from Little Greene – an enticing palette of sophisticated golds and soft pinks. Inspired by mouthwatering desserts, these warm, neutral shades promise to capture your senses and infuse your home with cosy comfort. With playful names like ‘Madeleine’, ‘Galette’ and ‘Ganache’ the collection reads like a tantalising dessert menu of caramel, honey and chocolate goodness.

Wall: Madeleine.

Walls: Affogato. Ceiling & Window Trim: Slaked Lime – Mid.

Walls & Cupboard Doors: Bombolone.

Walls: Split Pink. Skirting & Architrave: Attic II.

Walls: Galette.

Walls: Mochi.

Kitchen Units & Tiled Splashbacks Muscavado. Wall: Slaked Lime Dark by Little Greene. Cornice: Slaked Lime.

Walls & Dado Rail: Ganache.

Walls: Chocolate Colour. Bath: Rolling Fog – Dark.

The ‘Sweet Treats’ collection launches on 18 September 2023.

All images courtesy of Little Greene.

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