10 of the best... watering cans

Well watering can by Menu

Plants are the trend of 2017 that it seems just about everyone in the interiors community can agree on.

So you've found your perfect plant and perhaps even a lovely pot to put it in? Caring for your plant gang doesn't stop there. Alongside the occasional feed plants require regular watering throughout the spring and summer growing season. But forget about functional green plastic watering cans that you'll want to hide away in the garden shed, today we're talking about covetable beauties that will enhance any interior.

Here are 10 stylish examples - from an affordable option at H&M to desirable design objects that will last a lifetime.

Well watering can by Menu

1. Well watering can by Menu.

£159 - Clippings

Watering can by Elke van den Berg

2. Porcelain watering can by Elke van den Berg.

€89 - Bon Ceramics

Idro watering can

3. Galvanised metal sheet watering can by Internoitaliano.

£132 - WallpaperSTORE

House Doctor watering can

4. House Doctor watering can

£68.19 - Wayfair


5. Brass watering can by Mjolk

£449 - WallpaperSTORE

White watering can

6. Chalk white watering can

£22 - Garden Trading

Brass watering can by Lee West

7. Brass watering can by Lee West

£530 - Another Country

Danish zinc and copper watering can

8. Danish zinc and copper watering can

£35 - The Forest & Co

Black watering can by H&M

9. Black metal watering can

£17.99 - H&M

Vivero Danish watering can

10. Vivero watering can

£91 - WallpaperSTORE